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Foundation Grants 2010

Are you an individual looking for money to start a business, go to school, purchase a home, or even personal needs! We can show you how to obtain money from non-profit organizations (Over 840,000 Listed organizations currently in our database!!!) You will find the funding you are looking for. There is over 100 billion dollars available for the year 2010!

What are Foundation Grants?

Foundation grants are Free Cash Grants provided to the general public by organizations that are involved in assisting people with specific needs.

Private foundations are required by law to give away a minimum of 5% of their assets each and every year or they will lose their non-profit status.

Our program gives you, the average grant seeker the ability to search our entire database of over 840,000 Foundations and Non-Profit organizations in mere seconds for the low price of only $39.95! per month. Despite what many may claim we are the only company currently providing this quantity of information to the general public.
What does this do for you?

Search the entire database by your choice of  Key word Such as (business, education, housing, personal, medical, etc...)!

Search by your City! (Provides you with listing of grants available in your own City)

Search By your State! (Complete listing of grants available in your State)

Search By your Zip Code! (Type in your Zip Code and receive instant results)

Create an application in minutes! (The ability to complete and print an Application on your own home computer!)

Create and print a basic letter of inquiry and start contacting agencies immediately!

Can be used anywhere in the world on any computer.

Sign Up Right Now and in minutes you can start applying to grant giving organizations in your Local Area.

We will provide you with access 
to 850,000 Non-Profit Organizations for the 
incredibly low price of $39.95 per month.
You may cancel at any time. No Hidden Charges. (1 Month Minimum)
Full access to database with personalized username and password.
Search by Keyword, Zip Code, State, Subject or Donor.
User Friendly Web Based Program. (No Download Necessary)
Ability to create your own applications.
Free Technical Support

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