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Government Loans

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Billions Now Available in Government Loans

Yes it's true! Billions and Billions of dollars have just been released for 2010. Interest rates are at their lowest in 35 years. Now is the time to take advantage of these new programs.

Receive up to $2,000,000 to start a  business! (Yes it says two million dollars) While this is hardly typical it does reflect the U.S. Government's willingness to help you become a business owner.

Lenders have been instructed to make credit available to those that it would have declined in the past. The reason for this is to help jump start the economy.

With the Government backing the loans banks are not as concerned over losing money. They are actually more willing than ever!

Benefits and advantages of Government Loan Programs


 Lower Capital Requirements.


 No points or Balloon payments.


 Longer Amortization Periods.


 Higher loan-to-value financing.


 100 Billion Dollars available in Housing Assistance.


 Special Loan programs to consolidate debt!

What Government Loans can be used for:


 Expand or renovate facilities.


 Purchase machinery, equipment, fixtures and leasehold improvements.


 Finance receivables and augment working capital.


 Refinance existing debt (for compelling credit reasons of benefit to the borrower).


 Provide seasonal lines of credit.


 Construct commercial buildings.


 Purchase land or buildings.

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