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100% Guaranteed

Although we have every confidence in our fabulous College Scholarships package we realize that not everyone will be 100% satisfied. That is why we are offering our 100% money back guarantee. In the unlikely event that you are declined by any agency (1 is enough) We will happily refund your complete purchase price. All we ask is you try! Apply to some agencies. Fill out the Grant paperwork completely. Do your best! If you are turned down by any agency even 1. Simply send the CD back to us for a complete refund! (Downloads are non-refundable)

For all due consideration please provide the following information.

1. Return product in a saleable condition.

2. Please provide exact date of purchase and Name

3. Failure to provide the above will result in delays in processing.

Please return to:

Scholarships & Grants

5225 Canyon Crest Dr.# 71 - 437

Riverside,  CA 92507

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