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Grants for Women

Do Women Really Get Free Government Grants?

For years women have worked and struggled to attain equality! The fight is not over! The Free Government Money Is There! You need to take the action and force the Government to provide to you what is rightfully yours anyway!  Women have the largest opportunity of any group to benefit from the generosity of the Government Grant Programs


Over 20 Billion dollars in government grants for women.

Over 5,000 Government Sources for Women Entrepreneurs : Grants, Loans, Venture Capital, Management, Federal Assistance.

10 Billion Dollars To Start a Business!

$50,000.00 To help a struggling  business!

Over 1 Billion dollars For Education!

$10,000.00 To attain her business degree!

Billions available to train for new jobs!

Every Year Over 500,000 women start their own business. Two out of every three new businesses are started by women. And women are more successful than men. Women have a 75% greater change of success in business ownership!

The reasons for this are very clear. Women represent the single largest voting block in the U.S. The only way the men and women in power are going to stay in power is to provide the women with what they want.



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